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About sabihah


Sabihah has been a webcam model for over a year and a web designer for six years.

"As a camgirl, I've long been searching for a web app to transfer my content to clients that would allow me more freedom to control how many times my files are downloaded and when. I also wanted a site I could trust to keep my files secure and really treat me right. Michael and I decided we could make that web app, and that was how Project Maenad began."

About michael


Michael has been programming websites for ten years.

"When Sabihah showed me the ugly, inadequate tools camgirls use for file-sharing, I knew we could do better."

About lina


Lina is a camgirl, pro-switch, sex educator, and bodyworker from the Bay Area.

"I'm excited to work with Michael and Sabihah on Project Maenad because it is such a needed and worthwhile project!"