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About Snatch Digitizer

Founded in 2015 by irl couple Karrie Kellie (@lilbatgrl) and Tequila Mockingbird (@sexualtequila), Snatch Digitizer is a live cams and clips studio focusing on Queer and Kinky sex. Our content includes g/g, b/g, BBW, Fetish, FemDomme, Cuckold, Lactation, BDSM, pegging, and more...


Billie Bangcock Shaves for You (1 file)

Billie isn't sure how far to shave...maybe just a thick mowhawk? Or a thinner one? Oh, but you want to see those lips, too, don't you...so much hair to shave

Blacklight Jerk Off (1 file)

Red Hot Texas Pete found pleasure in his favorite room filled with blacklight. Watch his massive cock grow as he strokes it in glowing socks and jock strap!


Wet and Sloppy Blowjob (1 file)

Tequila the Ice Princess strips sensually for you out of her white dress and panties, she twerks for you an gives herself a nice firm spanking. Watch those cheeks turn pink around that perfect butthole before she pulls your cock out to give you a nice sloppy and messy blowjob! She gags and drools all over, deepthroating that cock and begging for your cum while her shiny tits bounce

W154i 2

Live Topless Burlesque (1 file)

Live, no pastie performance at a private party/home. Watch Tequilas sexy body move and dance to Grace- You dont own me


Topless Burlesque Strip Tease (2 files)

Curvaceous, kinky and confident straight jacket escape artist Tequila Mockingbird does a private house party with no pasties!


Laughing at Your Tiny Cock (2 files)

You scored a date with Tequila! After dinner you go back to her place for some fun but when you drop your pants she bursts out laughing and proceeds to verbally humiliate you because of your tiny cock!


Candy Cane Stuffing (1 file)

Karrie, Lark, Tequila, and Celeste have fun with oversized candy canes! How many candy canes can we fit in Karrie's pussy? (Recorded Live Show)


Photoset: Sodomizing Santa Live Cam Party (224 files)

We all dressed up as elves and raindeer and fucked Santa's ass! Had some fun with candy canes, too... ;-)


7 Sins Tequilafest Video Package (48 files)

The Ultimate Snatch Digitizer Video Package

This package contains all of our 7 Deadly Sins packages, AND Tequilafest.

We don't even know the run time but it's a fucking LOT of Hi-Res porn, ok? Better have plenty of storage space!


Tequilafest (1 file)

It's here!!!

Every year for her birthday, Tequila throws a giant sex party. This year, we gathered everyone willing to sign a model release and got the party started early. It's nothing compared to being at the party, but it's the closest you're gonna get so jump on in and enjoy!


Seven Deadly Sins: Envy (7 files)

7 Deadly Sins: ENVY

You wish you had what it takes to satisfy us...but let's face it: that'll never happen. Enjoy these 7 BBC and cuck vids to get you feeling sufficiently envious!


Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath (7 files)

7 Deadly Sins: WRATH

It wouldn't be Tequilafest without BDSM and Blasphemy! These 7 videos are HOT examples of what happens when you incur the wrath of Snatch Digitizer


Seven Deadly Sins: Greed (7 files)

7 Deadly Sins: GREED

We're so greedy we get together for group sex on the regular. Here are 7 of our hottest group show videos!


Seven Deadly Sins: Pride (7 files)

7 Deadly Sins: PRIDE

We all take pride in looking our best. And maintaining our outer beauty are what this package is all about! 7 videos full of shaving, showers, manicures, and mirrors.


Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth (5 files)

7 Deadly Sins: SLOTH

Yawn ...we were too lazy to come up with 7 videos, so why don't you just pay us to ignore you for the day. Sound good? Of course it does, loser! Pay up.

(5 vids for voyeurs!)

Turfuckin 1

Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony (7 files)

7 Deadly Sins: GLUTTONY

Gorge yourself on our 7 most voracious vids!

(7 vids for feeders and belly lovers)


Seven Deadly Sins: Lust (7 files)

7 Deadly Sins: LUST

These are 7 of our most popular sexy videos: Outdoor anal, kinky group sex, JOE, and even a couple of hot B/G scenes!


BBW Fantasy Color Hair Head Shaving (1 file)

Our mystery model has gorgeous, long, blue and green locks! But she's decided it's time to take it off. Watch her shave her long locks into a chin-length mohawk!


Early Morning Masturbation (1 file)

Annabelle Celeste wakes up from a disturbingly erotic dream. It's so early and she's so sleepy, but that dream left her with an itch she just can't leave unscratched.

Turfuckin 1

Turfuckin' Begins! (Full 1080p) (1 file)

Four girls, one turkey. Watch Karrie, Tequila, Elle Ay'Elle and a special sexy guest swell their bellies and get stuffed. Duration: 15 minutes.

Feeder, feeding, food porn, Turfuckin, belly, bloated belly, smacking, lips, big tits, interracial, shaved, outdoors, bizarre set dressings, bizarre props


Breast Spanking & Flogging with Annabelle Celeste (1 file)

Watch curvy coquette Annabelle Celeste coyly unbutton her black cardigan for you. Slowly she removes it, revealing two plump, gorgeous breasts, ripe for a beating. She warms herself up with her hands, working her way up to her flogger and finally a leather strap. Duration: 4.5 min

tags: breast and nipple punishment, spanking, flogging, tit play, tit busting, bbw, bdsm, queer, queer porn, necklace, pearls, cardigan, sweater fetish


Celeste Laughs at your Pathetic Pin Dick (1 file)

Goddess Celeste knows what she wants, and she doesn't like to be disappointed. But disappointment is all you can bring, isn't it? Let Celeste explain exactly how worthless you are.


Karrie Kellie and Tequila Put on Pantyhose (1 file)

Karrie Kellie and Tequila put on pantyhose and admire how sexy they feel.

Kktqsexfight 1

Double Ender Sex Fight! (Full 1080p) (1 file)

Karrie Kellie (Bats) challenges Tequila (Harley) to a sex fight! First to gag 3 times loses! Tequila agrees, but wants a round 2: first to CUM 3 times loses. Who will win this sex fight


Trixie Shaves her Bush for You (2 files)

Trixie's bush is nice and thick! You want her to shave it for you, don't you. She says she will, but she's not sure how far she'll go. Maybe she'll shave just a little bit...


Human Furniture POV with Annabelle Celeste (1 file)

Come here, footstool. Goddess Celeste needs to put her feet up. She's had a long day and needs to relax.


LilBit Bound and Spanked (Full 1080p) (1 file)

Introducing new models Elle Ay'Elle and Hazel! LilBit is collared and leashed to the bed, ready for a good spanking. Hazel starts her off with a riding crop, then Elle takes over giving LilBit a lovely red ass with the riding crop, leather flogger, and horsetail flogger. Together, Elle and Hazel finish LilBit off with a nice, hard double spanking!

Mvi 0255

Curvy MILF Facesitting Strap On Fucking (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

Samantha Jay and Karrie Kellie had this date booked for a while, and Samantha came prepared with a vibrating tongue ring! Enjoy facesitting, vibrating, orgasm inducing g/g action and POV Strap On fucking in this homemade-style sex tape.

tags: strap-on, g/g, girl-girl, face-sitting, vibrator, vibrating tongue ring, tongue ring, homemade, amateur, gonzo, bbw, curvy, piercings, nipple piercings, tongue piercings, redhead, perky tits, big tits, MILF, POV, sideshave, riding, bouncing boobs, face riding, bouncing ass, ass bouncing, dykes, dyke porn, clit sucking, clit licking, finger-licking good, lesbian, makeout, lesbian makeout, live show, live cams


LilBit's Lesbian Fantasy #2: Mommy Dom Electroplay (1 file)

LilBit and Mommy Tequila snuggle in their purple lingerie and chat about their days. LilBit didn't get her afternoon nap, so she's tired, but Mommy wants to play before bedtime. She has a couple of SPARKly new toys to play with and she can't wait to break them in. LilBit wants to make her Mommy happy, so she agrees. After all, she knows Mommy will make it worth her while!


Harem Pt. 2: And They Kept On Fucking... (Full 1080p) (1 file)

After the GOLD show, Samantha Jay was not satiated. This video is full of face-sitting and a little side of masturbation instruction. Enjoy bouncing titties and hot girl on girl action, with Samantha Jay leading the way.

Mvi 0457

Samantha Jay's Harem: The GOLD Show (Full 1080p) (1 file)

Recorded Live Show! For Samantha Jay's Birthday, we let her take over for a night! One by one, she and her strap on conquer Tequila, Karrie, and Celeste. But did she leave enough time for her to cum??


LilBit Birthday Spankings & Booty Worship (1 file)

LilBit is such a goody-goody, but Tequila sees right through that act! She isn't mad that she didn't get an invite to LilBit's Birthday Party...that just means she gets to give her ALL the Birthday Spankings!

In this dirty lesbian fantasy, Tequila helps LilBit get past her inhibitions and enjoy all that ass! Then LilBit gets her real Birthday Spankings, Tequila style!


Tequila and Karrie Strap On Fucking in Heels (Full 1080p) (1 file)

OG Digitizers Karrie and Tequila get it on with a strap on! We even wore our matching purple heels. Lucious booties and bouncing boobies jiggling in front of a wall-to-wall mirror for multiple angles at once. Watch Karrie cum all over Tequila's cock over and over again!


Lark Lazuli Shaves That Bush! (Full 1080p) (1 file)

We received a custom video order for pussy shaving, and Lark was more than happy to oblige! "Do you want me to shave it for you?," Lark inquires, "Ok, I'll shave...but maybe just a little bit..." This video contains lots of closeups of Lark lathering up and shaving, and plenty of different angles as we admire their work in progress


Harley makes Mom her Milk Slave: Bondage, Boobs, and Squirting Milk! (Full1080p) (1 file)

Harley ties MILF Karrie Kellie up with rope, tying it nice and tight around those big fat milky tits! She binds Mom to the bed so she can't escape and milks her giant tits into the dog's water bowl. "You'd better drink it all!" she tells her, pressing the magic wand vibrator harder against Mom's wet pussy, "You want to cum? Better finish your milk!"

Boninst1080p 1

Bonin' Sarah Tonin: The Necromancer's Threesome (Full 1080p) (1 file)

It's All Hallow's Eve, so Sarah Tonin visits her yard of bones for a special celebration. This cadaverous romp culminates in an undead threesome so packed with bad puns you'll be rolling in your grave. Starring Sarah Tonin as herself, Tequila as the Voice of the Undead, and some skeleton they picked up in a nearby graveyard. Happy Halloween!


BBW Puppet Tequila Bouncing Her Huge Oiled Up Boobs (1 file)

You put a mysterious token into a slot, and the lights come on. Tequila's Marionette wakes up and twerks for you. Once you're nice and hard for her, she rides and sucks your hard cock until you're ready to cum. But wait! Don't cum yet! She's got an extra special treat for you. Watch her oil up her big floppy tits before she rides your cock again, bouncing those oiled up titties right in your face as she drains you of your cum.


Worship The Bride of Frankenstein's Feet (Full 1080p) (1 file)

Starring Annabelle "Celeste" Coquette in her first solo video with Snatch Digitizer! The Bride of Frankenstein beckons, and you cannot resist her call. Lay yourself at her feet to worship! What's that? You'd love to feel that big spike heel in the back of your throat? You may regret asking for that. The Bride of Frankenstein will make you hers forever

Thesummoning720p 1

The Summoning: Threesome with a Succubus (Full 1080p) (1 file)

Ready for a spooky Halloween adventure? Sarah Tonin and Karrie Kellie are looking for something extra special to fill their perverted sexual desires, so they turn to a ouija board for answers. Little do they know, the dark forces at work will give them much more than they bargained for! The board gives them no clear answers, but suddenly a mysterious figure arrives, cloaked in shadow. "I am what you seek," the darkness utters. "I will show you your deepest pleasure..."

The girls are frightened, but far too turned on to turn back! With barely a moment's hesitation, they dive into a sinful, twisted threesome with the demon from beyond. The succubus was not lying--there's nothing more fulfilling than that thick demonic cock!


Getting to know Lark Lazuli: Pussy Exploration & Squirting (1 file)

In Lark Lazuli's first ever solo clip, we chat with them about gender, sexuality, music, and porn water. Lark then introduces us to their wet, hairy pussy, giving us plenty of closeups. After Lark has had an orgasm or two, they lay out a towel and let the waterworks flow!

Mvi 0332 1

Karrie Kellie Hand Expresses Her Milk For You! (Full 1080p) (1 file)

Grab your headphones for this one, 'cause it's FULL of sexy sounds you don't want to miss!

Karrie has a breast pump, but she honestly prefers to hand express her milk. In this video, she shows you exactly how it's done. Enjoy tons of angles and extreme nipple closeups as Karrie's milk squirts and drips and dribbles its way into the bottle, collected just for you to enjoy!


Darling Nikki Worships Karrie Kellie's Milky Tits! (Full 1080p) (1 file)

This video was commissioned by a fan!

Get up close and personal with Darling Nikki as she feasts on Karrie Kellie's engorged tits! The only thing about making this video that Darling Nikki didn't enjoy was that she had to spit some of the milk out so we can see it. You can really tell she wants to suck it all down and keep it all for herself! This video is full of closeups of Darling Nikki massaging, suckling, and worshipping Karrie's big milky tits.


Cosplay Clambam Party Highlights (Full 1080p) (1 file)

Highlights from our Cosplay Clambam group show's private sessions. Includes spanking, masturbation encouragement, scissoring, and a whooooooole lot of group sex and silliness! Featuring Karrie Kellie as Batgrrrrl, Tequila as Harley Quimm, Samantha Jay as Poison I-vag, Sarah Tonin as Powervibe Girl, Darling Nikki as a sexy bunny, and Annabelle Coquette as an adorable hedgehog.

Although, to be honest, those costumes don't get much screen time in this video... ;-)


Lesbian Lactating Couple Sex with Karrie Kellie & Tequila Mockingbird (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

Karrie Kellie and Tequila both have milky tits! Karrie just has waaaaay more milk. In this video, the two compare their milk supplies, suckle from each other, and play with each other's milk.Includes face sitting, magic wand vibrator, strap-on sucking & fucking (some pov), and a quick smoke break.


Loan Shark (full 1080p) (1 file)

Part of the Snatch Digitizer Underground Collection

Please contact us for more information regarding this clip.


Karrie Kellie's Cosplay Clambam (Full 1080p Version) (1 file)

For her Birthday, we threw Karrie Kellie a Cosplay Party! This video was taken during the "GOLD" portion of our live show. Karrie Kellie (Lilbatgrl) opens her gifts, gets her birthday spankings, and gets banged by 5 kooky cosplayers.


Tequila as Harley Quimm!

Samantha Jay as Poison I-vag!

Sarah Tonin as Powervibe Girl!

Darling Nikki as a sexy bunny!

and Annabelle "Coquette" Celeste as an adorable Hedgehog!


Karrie Kellie Makeup & Milk Show Timelapse (1080p) (1 file)

Watch Karrie Kellie transform from frumpy mom to sexy MILF in this timelapse video. Karrie does her hair and makeup in the mirror, then sets up her room for a Sunday afternoon cam show. Since Karrie forgot to turn OFF the time lapse feature while she recorded her show that day, this video also features several minutes of highlights from a particularly provocative milk show--all in fast-forward. Can you keep up? ;-)

This video does not contain audio!

Mvi 0231

Cosplay Teasers (3 files)

Includes full 1080p copies of Lilbatgrl's Birthday Cosplay Camgirl Party promotional video and Latex Cosplay Behind the Scenes with Karrie Kellie as Batgirl and Tequila as Harley Quinn


Upshot Sloppy BJ (1 file)

Tequila get wet, sloppy, drooly and messy in this well angled blowjob. Watch her cover her body in spit and drool while deep throating and gagging on her dildo with drips right over your head! She then picks up the bowl below her for one last glaze of her tits


Blasphemous Feet (1 file)

Tequila makes fun of you weak minded fools following blindly into their religions. She rubs the bible and jesus all over her feet, feeds you her jackhammer jesus dildo with her feet and rips up the bible with her toes!


Darling Stretches out Karrie's Pussy with her Big Black Cock (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

In this clip, Darling Nikki uses Doc Johnson's "Caped Cock" on Karrie Kellie's tight pussy. As she works the dildo into Karrie's cunt, Karrie squirts her milk down onto it for a little extra lube. After her pussy is good and fucked, Karrie asks Darling to pull the dildo out and show off her handywork for the camera. Finally, Karrie turns around and fucks the BBC. She bounces her ass up and down, showing off her stretched out lips sliding up and down the dildo, while Darling fucks herself with another dildo.


Sensual, teasing lesbian lactation & milky oral with Karrie Kellie and Darling Nikki (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

Karrie Kellie and Darling Nikki have really hit it off both on and off camera, and it shows in this clip. You can see the chemistry between these two in the very first seconds as the scene opens with the two lovely ladies kissing intensely. As the scene unfolds, we see Karrie relentlessly teasing Darling Nikki with her milk: milking her tits, spraying milk on herself and all over Darling, but never letting Darling latch on and nurse.

Finally, Karrie lets Darling Nikki have it and Darling is visibly turned on by all that delicious milk pouring into her mouth, letting it drip out down her chin and all over her tits. At that point, she's just too hungry for Karrie to wait any longer and the two enjoy each others pussies...with more milk, of course.


Tequila Pegs Red Hot Texas Pete! (1 file)

Tequilas gotta warm Pete up for Daddy! She puts on a blue medical glove and stretches his ass out with a plug, slowly working him up before pounding his ass with a strap on!


Tequila's Birthday Bang (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

You've seen the Gold Show portion, but that was only the beginning of Tequila's birthday show! In this clip, catch the hottest (and goofiest) moments from the rest of the show. Plenty of hot girl-on-girl-on-girl action: kissing, strap-on, pussy licking, joi, pussy exploration, and even some lactation!

But! There was someone else present at Tequila's Birthday Bang: Texas Pete! We let our viewers decide when to tag in the "stunt cock," so Tequila could have even more fun! When Pete's in the bang, Karrie is behind the camera, giving us some great views and closeups.


Sloppy BJ and Deep Throat (1 file)

Tequila covers her tits and body with spit as she gags and chokes herself on your cock, she fucks her mouth and plays with her pussy. Watch the thick spit you can only get from deep in the back of her throat drip off her face and run down her fat juicy tits, watch her swallow that cock to the hilt and hold it til she gags, watch her eyes beg you for more as she sucks you dry!


Tequila Bounces and Deepthroats (1 file)

Tequila wants to fucking ride your hard cock! She jumps on top and bounces on that cock, grinds that cock and cums all over that cock! She sucks all her sweet pussy juice off your cock deep throating it and drooling all over herself before begging for your cum!


Tequilas good butt slut (1 file)

Tequila is gonna use your ass! Show u pat the seedy hotel she got and shower, then she is gonna fuck you in every position possible before leaving you wet and used for the next to wander in to the room


Tequila: Slapping, Squeezing, Stretching (1 file)

Tequila wants it, she wants it bad! She begs you for your cock while slapping and squeezing her fat juicy tits. She teases you, bouncing and moaning before laying back to pound her tight pussy with her fingers and then stretching it with her big fat double ended dildo. Tequila begs for your cum deep in her pussy before pulling it out to suck it off!


Tequila works for the Squirt! (1 file)

Tequila shows off her thick body and phat booty before sharing her dildo between her mouth and pussy, she gets wet and turned on by fucking herself so hard that she thinks she can squirt for you! Watch her body shiver and thighs clench as she orgasms multiple times before losing confidence in her ability to squirt, she cums and cums but with much prevail she gushes all over her toy and bed.


Darling Nikki & Karrie Kellie Adult Nursing and Oral (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

We know by now that Darling Nikki loves Karrie Kellie's milk. In this video, we see Darling Nikki ride Karrie's face. The taste of Darling Nikki and her sexy, sensual moans, really get Karrie going. Darling Nikki quickly takes advantage of the situation and begins suckling at Karrie's breasts, drawing out her milk as she fingers Karrie's pussy. As Karrie's milk lets down you can see her relax into Darling Nikki's control. Finally, Darling Nikki focuses her attention on Karrie's cunt and uses her mouth to coax out an intense orgasm from Karrie.


The Faculty is Cumming: 4 Schoolgirls Peg Professor Pete (3 files)

Recorded Live Show! Full 1080p HD Includes Behind-the-scenes, outtakes, and deleted scenes.

Introducing Texas Pete as Professor Pete, Snatch Digitizer presents: The Faculty is Cumming! Our 2-hour back-to-school pegging special. This video contains the hottest highlights from the live show.

The girls of Snatch Digitizer Academy's naughtiest sorority caught Professor Pete perving on them through the windows of their sorority house. Since mean old Professor Pete gave them such poor grades last semester, they're pretty mad! But they have a plan...Tequila and Samantha Jay chase down, bind, and gag Professor Pete in the parking lot, then stuff him in the car and drag him back to the sorority house to teach him a lesson! 4 girls, 4 strap ons, lots of toys and LOTS of pegging! Soon Professor Pete is ready to give his students straight A's and help them get a FULL RIDE at Snatch Digitizer Academy.


Tequila- Pussy Play (1 file)

Tequila rubs down her curvy body to her pussy before bouncing and grinding on that cock


Tequila Sloppy BJ DP (1 file)

Tequila teases you with her sexy body and sloppy blowjob, she covers her tits in drool as she gags and throats your cock. She then stretches her little wet pussy with your big fat cock! Her fattest dildo barely fits but she takes it like a champ and fills her deep ass cave with her dark knight butt plug!


Darling Nikki's First Girl-Girl Show (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

Let's find out what kind of shenanigans went on the first time Karrie Kellie had Darling Nikki over for a cam show! Karrie's ass meet's Nikki's ass, Nikki learns how to spread her pussy nice and wide, and we discover what happens when Nikki has an orgasm...


Girl on Girl Leather Boots Bootblacking Sex with Karrie Kellie and Sarah Tonin (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

Sarah Tonin wanted to learn a bit about bootblacking, so Karrie Kellie offered to break out her kit next time Sarah was over. After getting Sarah's boots clean, the two MILFs decided to hop on cam and have some fun. In this video, Karrie greases up Sarah's sexy black knee-high boots and shows Sarah what ELSE her kit can be used for...

The only toy in this video NOT from Karrie's kit is Sarah's magic wand vibrator.

Gold show 1

Tequila's Birthday 3-girl Gold Show (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

We got together for a group show to celebrate Tequila's birthday. First, we let Tequila decide who got her birthday spankings and tazings (we all got some), then we asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Her request involved face sitting, face fucking, strap on fucking, and more!

If you hear a male voice in the background, that's Texas Pete. He didn't get any action, we just made him watch ;-)

Dsc0769 edited

Back to School Teaser (1 file)

Introducing Texas Pete in Snatch Digitizer's Back to School Special: The Faculty is Cumming! (Live Group Show) Thursday, August 10th, 10pm eastern/9pm central on SnatchDigitizer.live

This item isn't available for purchase through Project Maenad. Contact Snatch Digitizer to handle purchases.


Pet Shop Puppy Play 2 (1 file)

This is a very special video, directed and edited in part by an anonymous fan! Well, anonymous to YOU anyway ;-) Tequila and Violet Venom don their pup personas for the very first time together on camera! They are lucky enough to be kenneled together and are enjoying a lovely puppy nap when they are awakened by someone coming into the shop. Maybe they're going to FINALLY get adopted?? Pups have a short attention span though so they are quickly distracted by their food bowl, toys, and each other's delicious scent! Soon enough they're ready for another puppy nap while they wait to go for their forever home.


Darling Nikki Loves Karrie Kellie's Milk! (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

Darling Nikki loves Karrie Kellie's milk so much, she simply CANNOT pretend to not like it. Watch Karrie try to guide her through a request for forced breastfeeding and fail miserably. Lots of heavy nipple sucking and real suckling, Darling Nikki opens her mouth and lets the milk pour out then greedily goes back for more and more.


Tequila & Samantha Jay Bondage Boob Comparison (1 file)

Tequila and Samantha love each others boobs in bikinis, they compare their boobs and play with each others tits before tying them up tight! Two ropes on each girl and oil rubbed in that tight skin!


Tequila gets Fucked in her Black Leather Boots (3 files)

If you like leather boots, Tequila, and gingers, we have a treat for you!

Tequila invites CopperTop over to have some fun and Karrie just so happens to be on hand with a camera! Don't miss this rare opportunity to see Tequila get slammed from ALL OF THE ANGLES!

Run time: 21 minutes


S&M Solstice Live Show Highlights (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

After Lark's big gangbang show, we took requests. This video contains some highlights, followed by the epic cum/squirt-a-thon that ended our night.


Tequilas Naked Baking Show (1 file)

Tequila bakes! She does everything naked so obviously she baking naked! Watch her twerk in front of the oven and seductively eat a hot sweet fresh cookie!


Darling Nikki Tastes Karrie Kellie's Milk (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

This video is taken from Darling Nikki's first show, where she appears as a guest in Karrie Kellie's chatroom. She has never witnessed Karrie milk her tits before, and responds with genuine surprise and delight when Karrie starts spraying! Soon enough, Darling Nikki gives in to curiosity and tastes Karrie's milk...


Tequila Strips and begs for your cock (1 file)

Tequila strips out of her sexy summer shorts and white tank (with nothing underneath!) She oils herself up and begs for you to fuck her tits and ass! She feeds you her tits and rubs them and squeezes them close to the camera


Lark Lazuili's First Cam Show: 4-girl Gangbang (1 file)

Recorded Live Show!

Lark is our newest model and for her very first show, she wanted to get beaten, tied up, and fucked. We were happy to oblige! This video features Karrie Kellie, Tequila, and Violet Venom ganging up on poor sweet Lark with rope, a horsetail flogger, a paddle, 2 strap-ons, an eiffel tower dildo, and a magic wand vibrator. Spoiler alert: Lark has a really good time. ;-)


Karrie Kellie Pumps after 5 hours of buildup! (1 file)

Karrie Kellie usually nurses or pumps at least once an hour, but on Saturday, she went to brunch and totally forgot...until she realized just how FULL she was!

In this clip, Karrie shows off her super engorged tit next to the one that isn't full of milk, then pumps and hand expresses the milk out.

By the end of the clip, she's still quite engorged so she moves the camera back to show off her distance spraying skills--and sprays milk directly into the camera!


Tequila & ThunderCock B/G (1 file)

Voyeur style, We just turned on the camera so he could destroy me! Huge cock, DP, Anal, Sloppy BJ, rough awesomeness


Karrie Kellie girl/girl Package (17 files)

9 of Karrie Kellie's hottest gir/girl videos, plus a bonus girl/girl photoset


Karrie Kellie Pregancy Package (9 files)

9 of Karrie's Top Selling Pregnancy videos


Karrie Kellie Lactation Package (6 files)

Six of Karrie's hottest girl/girl lactation videos


Karrie Kellie's Nightcap #2: Cigar & Cognac (1 file)

This is the second in a series of collaborations with director/editor Ted Velvet. The scene begins on Karrie's balcony, where she steps outside for a nightcap: a glass of cognac and a cigar. As she enjoys her cigar, she smells and tastes herself on it as she thinks back to earlier that evening...

Back in Karrie's bedroom, Karrie teases herself with the cigar before she finally penetrates herself with it. She pumps the stick in and out of her pussy, bringing herself to the brink of climax--but that's not how she wants to cum. Karrie brings the cigar back up to her mouth and gets what she's looking for: the taste of herself mingling with the rich tobacco. THAT is how she will cum, with a mouth full of cigar and a pussy full of fingers.

Setting the (rather wet) cigar aside to dry, Karrie then reaches for her Cognac. Sipping it, she thinks about how full her breasts are feeling. She gets the idea to express some of her milk into the Cognac, just to see how it tastes.

It tastes good!

She keeps squeezing out milk, letting it drip down the side of the glass and swirl around in the Cognac...

After all that fun, Karrie is ready for a shower. She sprays herself down and lathers herself up from head to toe. But thinking back to that cigar and the milky congac coupled with the anticipation of smoking that cigar, she gets so turned on she just can't help herself. She turns the pressure on her shower head to high and lets it spray directly onto her clit, bringing her to one more intense orgasm.


Tequila Pegs Your Ass (1 file)

Tequila loves stretching your asshole out, lets loosen it up so you can take it all! She fucks your face and ass and then lets you cum on her tits since you were such a good slut


Group Blasphemy with Karrie, Tequila, Sarah, and Violet (1 file)

Recorded Live Show! Watch Karrie Kellie, Tequila, Sarah Tonin, and Violet Venom shock the congregation with their salacious blasphemy! We tear up your precious bible and teach you a better way to worship. Fuck Jesus, we are your new Goddesses.


Tequila and Sarah Boob to Boob! (1 file)

Tequila shows off her champion breasts and teaches Sarah how to compete! Boob to boob squishing and smashing but no matter how much Sarah tries she can't take on the Champs!


BTS: Darling Nikki & Violet Venom Take a Bath (1 file)

Darling Nikki and Violet Venom are such dirty girls! They need to clean up after a long day of...well, they need to get cleaned up. They have so much fun in the bath together they almost forget the reason they're there.


Birthday Cupcake BJ with Darling Nikki & Violet Venom (1 file)

Darling Nikki and Violet Venom want to wish you a very happy birthday and they've got some mini cupcakes all iced up for you! Ooops! Darling Nikki just smeared icing all down her chest! How did that happen? Oh my, these girls sure love their sweets! Go on, treat yourself. After all, it's your birthday, isn't it?


Karrie Kellie & Samantha Jay 1st Show: 2 Video Package (3 files)

Recorded live show

Video #1: Karrie Kellie & Samantha Jay Facesitting, making out, and more!

Samantha Jay is our newest model and Karrie Kellie had an amazing time breaking her in! In this show, Karrie and Samantha make out, play with each other's pussies, and ride each other's faces to climax. Good luck lasting the entire show...

Video #2: Karrie Kellie gives Samantha Jay a milk bath

Samantha Jay has never played with milky tits before! Karrie shows her how to hand express and she soon begins shooting streams out of Karrie's tits. Then Karrie squirts milk all over Samantha's belly and pussy while she rides Samatha's face to orgasm.


Tequila &Violet Naked Yoga (1 file)

Tequila and Violet Venom do yoga naked! Woohoo!


Tequila & Violet Outdoor Oil (1 file)

Tequila and Violet Venom pour baby oil all over each other outdoors in the beautiful natural light hoping the neighbors aren't peeking over! They rub each other down front to back and bounce and rub their butts and boobs together until scissoring to orgasm!


Tequila & Violet Blasphemy (1 file)

Tequila catches good girl Violet reading he bible. She seduces her wth touch and soon Violet fell into Tequilas blasphemy!


Tequila & Violet Balloons B2P (1 file)

Tequila and Violet reach into the bag of balloons and enjoy yipping when the balloons pop right in front of their faces!


Karrie Kellie Milks All Over Tequila's Tits, Feet, and Face (1 file)

Karrie Kellie Milks All Over Tequila's Tits, Feet, and Face


Girl on Girl Blasphemous Fucking (1 file)

Tequila and Sarah take the lords name in vain as they tear up a bible and fuck each other with the jackhammer jesus dildo while they make fun of your faith in bullshit


Karrie Kellie's Nightcap #1: Scissoring Stoya's Fleshlight (1 file)

This is the first in a series of collaborations with Director/Editor Ted Velvet. Karrie is ready to retire for the evening, but first she needs a little nightcap. She slowly removes her robe, her bra, and her panties, and begins to pleasure herself. As she gets her juices flowing, she reaches for Stoya's Fleshlight. She admires the replica pussy and proceeds to eat, finger, and fuck the fleshlight and herself to climax.


Tequila & Violet Shake Senoras (1 file)

Tequila and Violet shake their boobs to the beat! They are full of energy and giggles as they shake and bounce their titties!


Tequila Squirting 4 Video Package (6 files)


Tequila Dominates and Fucks Sarah Tonin (1 file)

Tequila takes control and fucks Sarahs face, turns her around to pound her from behind, a nicely placed mirror give you great expressions and angles. Tequila flips Sarah on top in order to finish by riding her strap on, titties boucing on both girls!


Face Sitting with Tequila & Samantha Jay (1 file)

During their first performance together Samantha Jay and Tequila do a lot of switching since they both tend to be more of a dominate personality. They sit on each others faces until they cum switching out and riding some face! Explore their bodies and booties as they explore each other for the first time!


Double Bonded Breast Bondage Sloppy Blowjob (1 file)

Tequila ties her fat tits up real tight with two separate ropes. Her drool runs down over her taught nipple skin as Tequila takes that hard cock as deep as she can.


Tequila Cums A Bunch (1 file)

Basically Tequila fucks herself the best way to cum a bunch, she accomplishes that. Real, Hard, Shaking, Eye Rolling Orgasms. If you're into that kinda thing.


Cum on Tequilas Fat Tits (1 file)

Tequila drools all over your cock and her fat titties getting her face fucked so she gives you a good titty fucking drooling over your cock while its thrusting into her warm tit fat. She bends over to get fucked, thrusting that cock deep in her pussy and, like a good girl, sucking her juice off your cock, lubing it up again to fuck her delicious F cup tits and she begs you to cover them in your hot cum!


Tequila Takes Your Ass (1 file)

Tequila wants your ass and she has no qualms about taking it, she uses all your holes and you can do nothing about it. She stretches your ass just for the fun of it, to see how much she can fit. You wont be walking right for a week!


Mistress Tequilas Strap On (1 file)

Tequila straps on her big fat cock because you've been a bad slut for your Mistress, she fucks your mouth and throat before turning you around and stretching your ass. She pounds you deep and hard and there is nothing you can do about but beg her to let you cum on her magnificent breasts!


Drooly Blowjob & Riding (1 file)

Tequila drools all over her tits and curvy body while sucking your cock, she slides that tight pussy over your cock and rides you hard bouncing her juicy tits all over!


Sloppy BJ Tit Fuck (1 file)

Tequila gets sloppy with her blowjob, drooling all over herself. Luckily all the spit and drool is perfect for some good tittie fucking! She fucks her fat juicy tits before fucking her juicy pussy! She loves the taste of her own pussy so she fucks her face again and then her tits while she begs for your cum


Sisters 1st Anal (1 file)

Tequila wants some practice so she can be good at everything! She lets big brother show her how its done with her first anal fuck, stretching her butthole out and loving it!


Tequila Rides Her Fuck Ball (1 file)

Tequila bounces on her fuckball bouncing her tits all over the place! She rides it hard and fast before flipping around to show you her jiggling booty bouncing on the fuckball!


Dildo Fuck (1 file)

Tequila fucks herself with a dildo, enjoying it and tasting herself on the dildo. She loves feeling her pussy full of cock!


Fuck Your Ass For Tequila (1 file)

Tequila plays with her pussy as she tells you how to stoke your cock and stretch your asshole!


Real Hard Cumming (1 file)

If you love watching a girl cum this is for you! Tequila does what she does to make hrself cum deep, she fucks herself with her favorite dildo and pounds herself deep while holding her hitchi vibrator on it and her clit! Her body shakes and her pussy pulses!


Double Ender! (1 file)

Tequila fucks herself with toys! She loves variety and tries to stretch herself out with the orange double ender!


Tequila Butt Plug Play (1 file)

Tequila bends over and plays with her little asshole, she adds lube and starts to finger her ass stretching it out for her glass plug. She works her plug in and plays with it in and out of her ass stretching her ass just a big bigger.


Blowjob and Riding (1 file)

Tequila sucks your cock and drools all over her fat titties so she moves your cock down to fuck those fat juicy tits. She wants to be filled so she jumps on top and fucks her tight wet pussy with your rock hard cock! You get front row facial expressions in this pleasurable feature


Tequila Dildo Fuck (1 file)

Tequila gets sloppy with her favorite dildo, drooling all over her tits. She lays back to get fucked and pounds that tight pussy cumming all over and sucking her juice off your cock along with your cum to swirl with her own love juice!


So You Want to be a Good Cunt Whore (1 file)

Tequila shows you how to be a good whore by gagging herself with big cocks and fingers, drooling and spitting all over herself, slapping her tits, stretching her cunt out and gaping it


Tequila Wants Your Cum (1 file)

Tequila shows off her body, her ass and pussy doggy style stretching her holes open for you. She turns around to show off her tits, slapping her face and coking her she wants your cum and devours every drop!


Bondage Pussy Stretch DP (1 file)

Tequila ties her fat titties tight before putting clamps on them and tugging on them. She bends over to show you how she puts her plug in and fucks her pussy with her favorite didlo, her body shivers as her nipple clamps occasionally pull while she is being filled in both holes. She pulls out the BatCock to fill her pussy even more and while orgasming her plug gets pushed out and her body trembles with pleasure


Fat Cock Stretches Tequila Out (1 file)

Tequila loves to suck some cock, she teases you with her mouth before filling her pussy with another cock! As things progress Tequila get masochistic and grabs the Bat-Cock to stretch her holes out!


Tequila Stretched Out (1 file)

Tequila uses her big fat double ended dildo to stretch out her little pink pussy. She fucks her face with it getting messy and drooling all over her big tits and then fucks herself more stretching her face and cunt out


Tequila Struggles with a Huge Cock (1 file)

Tequila shows off her body before taking the challenge for daddy. He wants her mouth stretched out for a good face fucking with a big fat cock, she struggles with the huge cock but promises to do better!


Fucking Tequilas Ass (1 file)

Tequila loves anal and goes right for her asshole to fuck it hard with her favorite toy! She stretches that little butthole out and rams that hard cock in and out until she cant take it anymore and grabs her hitachi to cum hard with her asshole stretched out and filled with that fat cock!


Tequilas Gags and Drools All Over Your Cock! (1 file)

Tequila shows off her curvy body and teases her pussy before jumping at the offer of that hard cock, she devours it gagging and drooling all over her tits. Enjoy one of her famous sloppy blowjobs covering herself in drool and spit as she gags herself and swallows that big cock!

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Karrie Kellie and Harley James Compare Bellies (1 file)

Young MILF Karrie Kellie and tattooed alt-girl Harley James have just indulged in a big fast food meal and can't believe how bloated they look and feel. They measure and compare bellies and Karrie talks about how big she was when she was pregnant. Moving closer to the camera, they compare belly rolls and see who can get the most rolls.


Snatch Digitizer Welcum Package (5 files)

This is a special deal, only available in this store!

5 Videos:

Nipple Tug of War (Karrie Kellie & Tequila) Strap-on Face Fuck (Tequila & Karrie Kellie) Hot Tub Fun (Tequila & Karrie Kellie) Behind the scenes: Darling Nikki & Violet Venom take a Bath Karrie Kellie Pumps after 5 Hours of Buildup

Total value of over $40. Enjoy, and welCUM to Snatch Digitizer!


Blasphemy JOI with Tequila (1 file)

Tequila encourages you to sin and tells you how she wants you to stroke it for her while tearing up a bible. Spit on your bible and jackhammer jesus. Forget your God, you worship me now.

T m1

Margarita & Tequila Fuck Some More! (1 file)

Tequila fucks Margaritas sweet face with drool dripping off her chin onto her fat titties, she gives Margarita the bone and the full bone ramming it home while giving you great angles and expressions! Margarita then sucks her sweet juice off Tequilas hard, sexy cock! Hot curvy girls fuckin for your pleasure!


Tequila & Margarita FFUUCCKK! (1 file)

Hot fucking curvy bitches Tequila and blonde bombshell Margarita get some hot fuckin going for you pervs. Sexy tattooed bodies making out, sloppy BJ, strap on fucking, riding, face fucking... This is the video you have been waiting for.


Karrie Kellie and Harley James Compare Boobs (1 file)

Harley thinks Karrie's boobs look weird because one is so much bigger than the other from breastfeeding. Karrie thinks that at least her boobs are bigger than Harley's mosquito bites! Watch the two girls argue as they measure and compare each others boobs.


Sarah Tonin 3 Video Package (3 files)

Sarah Tonin Mirror Suction Cup Blowjob: Sarah Tonin is such a horny slut! Watch her suck and deepthroat this realistic dildo she has stuck to her mirror. You can watch her gag from multiple angles at once!

Sarah Tonin Mirror Riding: Sarah Tonin is such a horny slut! Watch her suck and fuck this realistic dildo she has stuck to her mirror. You can watch her bounce from multiple angles at once!

Sarah Tonin Shower: Sarah Tonin is such a horny slut! She can't even take a shower without masturbating. Don't believe us? Sneak a peak, you filthy perv. Don't worry, we won't tell...


BTS: Karrie Kellie Spontaneously Lactates (1 file)

Behind the Scenes Bonus Clip!

Karrie Kellie and Harley James are shooting a tit size comparison clip, when all of a sudden, Karrie begins leaking out of her right boob. She's so engorged that she can't stop the milk from flowing and it just drips and dribbles down her over-full breast and all over the bed. She begins squirting everywhere in an endless stream while Harley catches the milk with her hands and splashes and plays with it in amazement.


Blasphemy: Squirt in a Bible (1 file)

Tequila teases you about your religion tells you to tear up your bible as she shoves her crucifix dildo in her throat. She shows you her porn bible, the one you should be reading and sits on the torn pages of yours before pumping hr sweet squirt into the pages of your precious bible

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Violet Venom's Birthday Show! First Ever G/G, Live! (1 file)

New model, Violet Venom, has never been with a woman before -- for real! -- and for her Birthday treat, she wants to change that. Karrie and Tequila are willing to rise to the challenge, so they put together a big live cam show to celebrate Violet's birthday and pop her g/g cherry! This clip is the full pre-show countdown (So much spanking!! Just wait 'til you see her ass) plus a full 20 minutes of strap-on fucking, face fucking, spitroasting, magic wand vibrator and lots and lots of cumming!

Untitled 1

Naked Yoga w/Tequila (1 file)

Tequila does naked yoga all the time! She decided to start recording it for you pervs, so watch Tequila stretch her curvy body out in some deep stretches and compromising positions!

Image1 3

Tequilas Gangbang Bukkake! (1 file)

Tequila decided to check one off her bucket list and work with a a local group, TexasBukkake, in order to get fucked! She was so excited about it she was barely nervous at all, 9 total cocks fucking her holes and she was dripping wet. She sucks everyone drooling all over herself before bending over to start getting rammed. Sucking and fucking and finally she get each load one after the other with an open mouth all over her face and in her eyes!! Tequila loves Texas Bukkake!


Daddys Oiled up Baby (1 file)

Daddy likes her babys tits nice and oiled up for him while he stretches her tight little pussy and foces her to cum hard on his cock with a hitachi wand.


Tequila Fucked in Latex (1 file)

Sexy Tequila puts on some black latex for you, shines it up and teases you with her body! She starts sucking on a dildo and her ass is just not being covered by her tight latex dress. She flips over and pulls her latex up just a bit high before punishing that pussy with that hard cock! She Loves being fucked in latex and jumps right to your cock covered in her juices, licking and slurping it up!


Tequilas Sloppy Blowjob (1 file)

Tequila gets so sloppy with her blowjobs! She drools and spit runs down her tits and body as she gags and spits all over your cock.


Tequila eats more! (1 file)

Tequila makes a plate of marinated chicken thighs and buttery noodles! She watches her belly get so bloated and big!


Tequila Ride N Fuck (1 file)

Tequila needs to ride your cock! She bounces on it filling her little pussy with that thick hard cock not to mention tasting her sweet pussy on that hard cock! She lays back to take a good dickin and orgasms hard when the hitachi wand comes out!


Party Balloons! (1 file)

Tequila blew up all the white balloons in her balloon bag for her jailbird party. The ones that survived she popped the following morning just for you!


Joi Brad (1 file)

Tequila welcomes you as she know your a dirty pervert who loves tits, she tell you to join her and lock the door. There she tell you how to jerk it while she plays with her tits, jiggling them from the nipples and making you suck and bit them. You stroke to the speed of her fucking herself but have to hold back because, well, ladies first! Then she lays back an lets you cover her body in your sticky cum!


Butt Plug Boobie Bondage (1 file)

Tequila uses her glass butt plug to stretch her little asshole out before tying her tits up real tight. She slaps them around while rocking on her plug, spankings and nipple clamps push Tequila to embrace her masochistic side.


Forget your God, Worship Tequila (1 file)

Tequila tears up a bible while telling you how to desicrate it, her body is all you need to worship now. She uses a crucifix dildo to fuck herself and taste her own goddess juices convincing you to cum in your bible let it stick together. Worship my body


Sarah & Tequila Oil up their Butts (1 file)

Tequila and Sarah oil each other up and rub butts! Grinding and rubbing, they moan and groan at how good it feels


Tequila: Clamps, Toys, Cumming (1 file)

Tequila puts her nipple clamps on tight before using her favorite dildo to fuck herself. She begins riding the hard black cock and soon needs sweet release as she reaches for her vibrating hitachi wand. Tequila enjoys that sweet release before licking her own sweet cum off that hard cock.


Big Tits Begging for Your Cum (1 file)

Tequila shows off her body before playing with her tits and watching you jerk off. She endures choking and slapping before begging for your load all over her face


Tequila Suck and Fuck! (1 file)

Tequila warms up your hard cock with a nice sloppy blowjob before leaning back to take a good fuckin and riding that cock from the front and the back. Big tits bouncing and fat booty jiggles!


Tequila, No Holes Barred (0 files)

Tequila sucks your cock nice hard and sloppy, drool running down her tits and body. She reaches for her glass buttplug and gets a tingly warm sensation, she needs it in her tight asshole. Tequila just cant get enough and she stretches her little butthole she decides that a cock in her pussy would be just the thing to get her going, the hitachi wand was a go to, in times of need it is quite the friend indeed. Tequila uses these wonderful pleasure giving toys to orgasm deeply, all holes filled. She loves the taste of her sweet pussy all over your cock as she licks and sucks it clean.


Tequila Heels Tapping (1 file)

Tequila taps her feet heavily in a short skirt reading a magazine, dangling her heel for a bit


Tequila is so bloated (1 file)

Tequila fills her belly with some rice and gravy, a cajun classic, stuffing herself past the point of full. So much meat, so much rice, so much flavor!


Tequila stuffs her belly (1 file)

Tequila makes herself some mashed potatoes and pork chops and ends up eating both in a second helping when she wasnt bloated enough. She fills her belly and shows off how big it gets


Lobo Package (87 files)

This item isn't available for purchase through Project Maenad. Contact Snatch Digitizer to handle purchases.

2017 03 06 16 27 52

Tequilas Balloons (1 file)

Tequila was gifted with a handful of Valentines balloons and wants to pop them for you! She gets naked and rubs them on her tits and rides them before trying to bounce on them to pop them, surprise! Mylar balloons are not that east... she has to slam her fat booty down on those tough balloons and fails occasionally but has a ton of fun doing so!


Bratty Cheerleader Harley gets Breastfed (1 file)

Harley gets home from cheer-leading practice and she's so hungry! Luckily, MILF Karrie Kellie is ready to fill her belly up with that sweet, creamy breastmilk! Poor Harley thinks she's too old to breastfeed but Karrie knows better. She pushes Harley onto the bed and removes both of their shirts. Harley fights it, but she's no match for Karrie's breasts. Karrie quickly fills the bratty cheerleader's mouth with milk then scolds her for spitting it out all over the bed. Harley, finish your milk! Harley puts up a final struggle but she can't resist it any longer. She sucks down that sweet, hot milk until she's full and curls up sleepily for cuddle time.


BTS: Karrie Kellie teaches Harley James how to Breastfeed (1 file)

Harley James has never done lactation fetish before, so Karrie Kellie gives her a quick primer. Harley doesn't quite get it at first, so Karrie demonstrates the technique on Harley. Soon enough, Harley gets a nice big mouthful of Karrie's milk.


Harley James Devours Karrie Kellie's Milky Tits (1 file)

Karrie teases Harley with her engorged tits until Harley can no longer contain her curiosity. She gives one tit a squeeze and is pleasantly surprised to see milk spraying out of Karrie's nipple! Unable to control herself any longer, Harley devours Karrie's milky tits until she's ready to cum. "Milk me!" She begs Karrie, and Karrie obliges, spraying her milk all over Harley's cunt and licking her to a milk-drunk ecstasy.

This item isn't available for purchase through Project Maenad. Contact Snatch Digitizer to handle purchases.


Sarahs Butt Cherry (9 files)

Live Show! Sarah Tonin was an anal virgin... that is until Karrie and Tequila got a hold of her! They warmed her ass up slowly with some smaller toys and plenty of lube, her reactions were priceless! Multiple camera positions and some POV show some good anal fucking and amazing expressions, they fucked her face and her ass and Karrie even sat on her face while Tequila was opening up that sweet virgin asshole! After a seriously intense anal orgasm convinced Sarah that she LOVES anal


50 + Lashes! (1 file)

Tequila warms up with her lovely leather tongue whip made for horses, found at a saddle shop! She then gives herself 50 serious lashes with lots of noises and jumping before showing off the marks all over her ass


Sloppy Blowjob and Riding (1 file)

Tequila loves to ride that cock letting her sexy, fat titties bounce around before laying back to get used, fucking her tight pink pussy and then cleaning it off with a drooly, sloppy and slobbery blowjob


Heels on the FuckBall (1 file)

Tequila wears her sexy red sparkly stilettos for you, she pulls out the purple fuck ball and rides it letting her big juicy tits bounce all around! She then lays back to get fucked by her big hard dildo showing off her sexy heels!


Tequila Squirting! (1 file)

Tequila wears a glass butt plug for you while using the Njoy wand to fuck her pussy and hitachi wand to vibrate her sweet sensitive clit until she squirts everywhere, squeezing the plug out in the middle of her intense orgasm!


Topless Workout (1 file)

Tequila forgets to wear a bra for her Master so he punishes her with a topless workout! She promises to jump and high as she can and smack those titties as much as possible with all these different jumping exersizes. When she complains that she is starting to hurt he makes her put clamps on, and when they fall off he makes her hold a bar over her head and behind her waist for the rest of the sets.


Tequila Riding (1 file)

Tequila starts out fucking her juicy 34Fs with lots of spit before riding that cock and letting those fat breasts bounce all over! She fills her ass with a glass plug and DPs herself with her favorite dildo before cumming all over it and cleaning it off nicely with a wet sloppy drooly blowjob!


Tequila and Sarah Fill Their Bellies (1 file)

Tequila and Sarah make themselves some big bowls of a delicious cajun favorite, rice and gravy. They stuff themselves and show their bellies getting bigger as they fill them with amazing food and drink


Tequila Rides Your Cock (1 file)

Tequila teases you with her body before she needs to ride it, she bounces on your cock and then lays back to get fucked!


Tequilas Feet on Display (1 file)

Tequila puts her feet up on display for you, scrunching them and stretching them .


Tequila Bondage Fuckball (1 file)

Tequila ropes up her fat titties nice and tight, then puts clamps on her sensitive nipples before stretching out her tight asshole with her glass buttplug. She pulls out her fattest dildo to fill her up, after stretching her sweet pussy out she pulls out her purple bouncy fuck ball and rides it with her clamps jerking on her poor sore nipples and flopping her tightly bondaged boobs all around. Bittersweet is the sweet pleasure as her nipples and titties are tortured!


Tequila Big Toy (1 file)

Tequila shows off her curves and rubs her sensitive clit but is a bit intimidated by a big toy, she tried to get it in her mouth but its so big, she works it slowly into her tight pussy and fucks herself with it before needing to fill her ass with a plug.


Mouth Stretch (1 file)

Tequila gets real sloppy trying to fit as much cock as she can in her mouth, drooling all over her face and titties and starts with a nice fat batcock and then works a double ender trying to get both ends in her mouth at once!


Tequila Dildo/ Buttplug Cums ALOT (1 file)

Tequila wear nipple clamps and gets messy fucking a dildo, cumming; riding it, cumming; using a hitachi wand and cumming before cleaning it off with a nice wet and sloppy blowjob. She fucks herself some more and cums more before needing to fill her ass so she eases in a glass plug and vibrates it making her soaking wet and moving to her clit she cums more until she is exhausted from cumming so much and collapses


Tequila Squirt! (1 file)

Tequila warms up your cock with her tight mouth and drools all over her huge jugs, she then pulls out her magical NJoy wand and fucks her hot wet pussy until she squirts! You can just hear her juices as she rocks that wand in just the right spot and holds her hitachi wand directly on her clit making her pussy clench and squirt more!


Tequila Glass Buttplug (1 file)

Tequila takes her time in stretching out her tight asshole with a glass plug, she eases it in before finger banging herself and playing with the plug


Tequila DP Cumming (1 file)

Tequila fucks her ass with a glass plug and fills her pussy with a dildo before making herself cum over and over again with the hitachi wand, she even has to get a bigger plug so she cant push it out as her insides pulse with pleasure!


Tequilas Been a Bad Slut (1 file)

Tequila must be punished! She slaps herself in the face and smacks her big fat titties around before laying back and accepting her true punishment... Pussy smacks and orgasm denial! She begs over and over for you to let her cum but is denied. She brings herself to the edge hoping to be rewarded for not cumming without permission and finally is allowed release!


Tequila Dildo Hitachi (1 file)

Tequila fucks herself with a sweet 7" dildo before adding the hitachi to her clit and feeling the vibrations deep inside of her making her cum multiple times!


Bondage Titty Paddle (1 file)

Tequila ropes up her fat titties before slapping the everloving fuck out of them with her hands and paddle


Tequila Latex Tease (1 file)

Tequila shows off her purple and black latex curves! Watch her shine, rub and tease wearing her favorite second skin


Tequila Fingers and Riding (1 file)

Tequila rubs her clit and fingers herself before needing to be filled. She fucks herself with a nice 7 inch dildo before climbing on top and bouncing her big natural titties riding that cock!


Tequila DP Hard Cumming (1 file)

Tequila uses her glass butt plug to warm up her ass before fucking herself and using her hitachi magic wand to cum hard over and over again!


Tequilas Bounce Ball (1 file)

Tequila rides her bouncy ball dildo with her big fat titties flopping and bouncing everywhere!


Karrie Kellie's 2015 Solo Videos (5 files)

Get this 5-video package for one low price. With over 45 minutes of action ($50 value) this is a great deal for Karrie Kellie fans!

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Tequila Solo(8 Vids) +photoshoot Package (13 files)

Tequila Solo Videos include: Bouncing on a fuckball with mirrors everywhere, fucking a suction dildo with titties floppin everywhere, riding, shower masturbation, zip tied and slapped titties, personal masturbation with DP, spitroasting myself with two suction cup dildos, and my first time squirting on camera in my review of my lovely NJoy Wand sex toy! Plus a nude photoshoot on the beaches of Australia!


Pet Shop Pup Play (1 file)

Directed and edited in part by an anonymous fan. Check out our first puppy play scene!


Pregnant Sensual Teasing JOI 2 (1 file)

In this clip, Karrie teases and seduces to get you nice and hard, then strips naked and rubs oil on her pregnant belly while giving slow, sensual JOI. This time, she wants to show you how it feels to have her ride you. She gets so worked up that she starts having contractions and, after cumming hard with you inside her, begs you to cum all over her big pregnant belly. Thanks to your big, hot load, the contractions stop as she rubs in your soothing cum.


The Cuck Sitter (1 file)

Your wife, Karrie Kellie, is pregnant with another man's child. Since you have such a disappointingly tiny cock, she never even had sex with you on your wedding night and you've been in chastity ever since. Tonight, she is getting ready to go out and find some real dick to please her while she leaves you alone with the new Cucksitter. Tequila thinks it's hilarious that you're still a virgin and that your cock has shriveled up even smaller out of lack of use. She's pretty hot, but you have to behave yourself or you'll be in BIG trouble.


Slow Motion Titty Bouncing and Jiggles In a Swimming Pool with Underwater Shots (1 file)

Karrie and Tequila decided to spend the afternoon out in the hot Texas summer sun instead of being cooped up inside. After sunbathing for a while, it was definitely time to get wet! In this clip, they show off their titty jiggling skills which are enhanced by slow motion effects. They bounce their titties in and out of the water for your enjoyment.


Karrie Kellie Pregnant Cuckold (1 file)

Karrie comes home late to find you, her husband, in bed. She's been out all night fucking her boyfriend and can't wait to tell you all the juicy details about how well he fucked her, how much bigger his cock is, and how many times he made her cum. She also has a confession to make...although the two of you had sex 7 months ago, she's 100% sure it's not your baby but her boyfriend's. Think about what everyone will say when they see you raising a so obviously not your own! She tries to find out if you're upset but your hard cock gives the game away, forcing you to admit that you've always had this fantasy. With that, your wife leaves you to spend the night with her boyfriend, turning off the light and shutting the door behind her. *This was a custom video order for a fan named Michael, and I use his name at the end of the video. The boyfriend's name is Mark.


Worship my pregnant body, cuck. (1 file)

Karrie hypnotizes you (her husband) into worshiping her tits, pregnant belly, and pussy. She revels in the fact that you still adore her despite the fact that she's carrying another man's child. All the while, she's getting more and more aroused by the fact that no matter how much she sleeps around, you'll never leave her.


Njoy Tequila Solo (1 file)


Naughty Tequila has always wanted to fuck you... (1 file)

Tequila has a confession...she's always had a huge crush on you and now that she's old enough she wants to let you know how she feels. She recruits Karrie to film a little video for you to get the point across, but Karrie gets so turned on that she just has to join in, too. They both desperately want you to cum fill their needy little cunts! *This was a custom video order for a fan named Richard and we use his name throughout the clip.


You got Karrie Pregnant and we miss your cock. (1 file)

Remember that super hot threesome you had with Karrie Kellie and Tequila? Well, when you shot your creamy, hot load in Karrie's pussy, you accidentally put a baby in her and now she's 5 months pregnant & starting to show. She undresses for you to reveal the surprise before she and Tequila reminisce about how your big cock stretched out their tight pussies. They demonstrate with dildos, but there's no substitute for the real thing...


The Threesome that got Karrie Pregnant (1 file)

Karrie and Tequila lay out by the pool and reminisce about the threesome that got Karrie knocked up. They get so turned on talking about it that they decide to reenact it with their strap ons and dildos. They take turns fucking each other in the pussy and the ass while they fuck their own faces with their stunt cock dildos.


Slow-Motion Bouncehouse Puddle Jumping (1 file)

Tequila rents a bouncehouse every year for her birthday sex party. This year, it rained heavily shortly after the bouncehouse was set up so it got very waterlogged. In this video Karrie Kellie and Tequila get naked and jump around in the bouncehouse puddles.


Karrie Kellie Pregnant Sensual Teasing JOI (1 file)

In this clip, Karrie teases and seduces to get you nice and hard, then strips naked and rubs oil on her pregnant belly while giving slow, sensual JOI. She gets so worked up that she starts having contractions and begs you to cum all over her belly. Thanks to your big, hot load, the contractions stop as she rubs in your soothing cum.

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Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-in Package (14 files)

A $75+ Value! Catch up on Karrie's Pregnancy Weigh-in Videos and see how much she grew over her final trimester. Includes bonus 2-month post-partum weigh-in with lactation.


Pregnant Storytime (1 file)

Tequila reads us a couple of nursery rhymes while she affectionately rubs Karrie's pregnant belly.


Pregnant Storytime 2 (1 file)

Tequila reads nursery rhymes to Karrie's pregnant belly. Karrie takes off her robe and Tequila helps her apply lotion to her growing belly. The two chat about how big it's getting, how much bigger it's going to get, and what other changes they're noticing.


Hot tub fun! (1 file)

Tequila and Karrie spend some time in the hot tub exploring each others bodies and graciously providing orgasms for each other. Underwater shots ;)


Karrie Kellie Pregnant Anal Warm Up by the Pool (1 file)

This is a bonus clip from our upcoming Poolside Anal video! Karrie gets her ass ready for a pounding by warming up first with her fingers, then with her buttplug, then her dildo. Watch her stretch out that tight little pregnant butthole!


Tequila Anal Warmup by the Pool (1 file)

This is a bonus clip from our upcoming Poolside Anal video! Tequila gets her ass ready for a pounding by warming up first with her fingers, then with her favorite anal toy. Watch her stretch out that tight little ass and get a glimpse of the inside through her clear glass buttplug!


Jacuzzi & Bubbles! (1 file)

Tequila and Karrie take a bubbly bath in the virgin jacuzzi tub! Tequila meticulously shaves Karries legs and pussy, they play with the bubbles, each other and tease you!


Tequila Solo Spitroast (1 file)

In this clip, Tequila takes full advantage of her suction cup dildos. She sucks and fucks them, giving herself a sexy solo spitroast until she cums. Then, like the good little cumslut she is, she licks them both clean.


Hot Tub (1 file)

Karrie & Tequila test out the new waterproof camera case.


Tequila Solo Bottle Fuck (1 file)

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Tequila Shaves Pregnant Karrie in the Bathtub (1 file)

Karrie Kellie isn't particularly hairy, but she and Tequila still enjoy that fresh-shaved feeling. As Karrie's belly grows, it's getting more and more difficult for her to shave herself so the two take a bath together and Tequila lends Karrie a hand. Tequila gets Karrie lathered up and shaves her legs and pussy nice and clean.


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 39 Weeks (1 file)

This is the fourteenth installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. Baby's head is fully engaged and giving my poor cervix a beating. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 38 Weeks (1 file)

This is the thirteenth installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. Everything is just about ready for baby to come and I'm celebrating FC Dallas' US Open Cup Championship win. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-in 37 Weeks (1 file)

This is the twelfth installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. I've been busy nesting and having some intense contractions...not long left to go now. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 36 Weeks (1 file)

This is the eleventh installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. I've got more maternity clothes to show you and a report back from my sonogram. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 35 Weeks (1 file)

This is the TENTH installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. I've got more maternity clothes to show you and a little surprise to share. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 34 Weeks (1 file)

This is the ninth installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. We've had a miraculous cold front blow in so I'm no longer dying of heat and am modeling some new maternity clothes. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 33 Weeks (1 file)

This is the eighth installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. It's the middle of the summer and I am HOT, and sleeping a LOT. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 32 Weeks (1 file)

This is the seventh installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. At 32 weeks, I'm feeling pretty crowded inside. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 31 Weeks (1 file)

This is the sixth installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. At 31 weeks, I'm really starting to feel all this weight gain. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-in 30 Weeks (1 file)

This is the fifth installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. At 30 weeks, I'm on the downward slope towards delivery. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-in 29 Weeks (1 file)

This is the fourth installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. At 29 weeks, I'm really feeling the fatigue and other third trimester symptoms. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 28 Weeks (1 file)

This is the third installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. At 28 weeks, I'm officially into my third trimester. See how much I've grown in a week!

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Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In 27 Weeks (1 file)

This is the second installment of my weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. At 27 weeks, I've reached the end of my second trimester. See how much I've grown in a week!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-in 26 Weeks (1 file)

This is the first installment of Karrie Kellie's weekly Wednesday Weigh-in. Follow her through her final trimester and see how big she gets! At 26 weeks she's lost some of her booty but her belly is growing fast.


Karrie Kellie Squirts for the FIRST TIME EVER (1 file)

At the time of filming, Karrie is not a squirter. But with Tequila's help, that's all about to change! Tequila gets Karrie nice and warmed up with her flogger and a miniature baseball bat, then really gets the juices flowing with a good strap-on face and pussy fucking. By the time Tequila is ALMOST done with her, Karrie is gushing like a fountain for the first time ever!


Strap-on Face Fuck (1 file)

One of Karrie's biggest turn-ons is getting vigorously fucked in the face. In this clip, Tequila turns Karrie into a wet, horny mess with the delicious combination of her big black strap on and a pair of nipple clamps... Set to the tightest setting, of course! Every time Karrie gags on Tequila's cock she gets wetter... and wetter... and wetter...


Steak of the Seven: A Food Porn Parody (1 file)

Pregnant Housewife Karrie Kellie has been WRONGED! She toiled in the kitchen for 45 whole minutes cooking up a delicious porterhouse steak dinner for her husband who JUST announced that he will be late home tonight. Worst of all, he's eating dinner elsewhere. Well, she'll show him. She's eating for two so tonight she'll REALLY eat for two. Watch Karrie devour the entire gigantic Porterhouse steak, with sides, clean off the T-bone barbarian-style, and lick her plate clean. Music lovingly ripped off from Game of Thrones Season 6's season finale because I can't get the damn song out of my head.


Tequila Solo Shower Masturbation (1 file)

Tequila takes care of business in the shower, that high pressure shower head certainly does the trick!


Tequila Worships Karrie's Feet (1 file)

This is the ONE AND ONLY Karrie/Tequila foot worship video. Karrie just loves having her toes sucked, especially by beautiful women. When Tequila agrees to a foot play session, Karrie is absolutely delighted! Tequila is unsure at first but quickly gets into her first (and only) foot worship scene.


Tequila Solo Zip Tied Titty slapping (1 file)

Tequila teases before putting zip ties around her fat titties to slap them then just cant help herself anymore and has to take care of business fucking herself with a hard dildo!


Karrie Kellie Solo BJ Buttplug Squirt (1 file)

Karrie is determined to fill all three of her holes! She starts by fucking her mouth, then her pussy, then has fun with her buttplug. By the time she gets all three holes filled at once she's ready to squirt...and squirt...and SQUIRT


Busty Tequila Bounces on her Fuck Ball (1 file)

Tequila is super excited to break in her new toy! She's back in her dance room (the one with all the mirrors) with her big purple exercise ball. But this ball is extra special--it has a built-in dong! Real penetration, lots of bouncing, and bouncing titties for days.


Karrie & Tequila Magic Wand (1 file)

Tequila wants to cum and Karrie is happy to help. First she warms her up by getting her pussy nice and wet with her mouth. Then she breaks out the Magic Wand and uses it to blow Tequila's mind. Multiple orgasms and lots of hot Magic Wand action!


Nipple Tug o War (1 file)

Karrie and Tequila are very competitive. When Karrie challenges Tequila to a special game, Tequila can hardly refuse. This is the ultimate test of breasticular fortitude. Who will win the nipple tug of war?


Karrie Kellie Solo Buttplug Rosebud (1 file)

Karrie hasn't taken anything in her ass for many weeks. In this clip, she slowly works her Batman Buttplug back into her behind. After a good stretch and a lovely anal orgasm, she gives the world its first glimpse of her beautiful rosebud!


Karrie Kellie Solo Tit Torture Squirt (1 file)

Since Tequila helped her learn to squirt, Karrie's been busy practicing! AND she's figured out a good rope harness that won't slip of her ridiculously perky tits. Watch as she gives her breasts a good punishing before "Squirtpocalypse," arrives. See if you can count the number of gushing orgasms Karrie coaxes out of her dripping wet pussy.


Double Diddles (1 file)

Karrie and Tequila are showing off their asses to the camera and start to get into the mood. Diddles from the rear, diddles from the front. These girls love to diddle themselves and each other.


Karrie Kellie SOLO Clothespins (1 file)

Clothespins are Karrie's favorite form of funishment. In this clip, she goes all out with four clothespin zippers: one on each tit and two on her cunt. Using a vibrator on the clothespins on her pussy, she brings herself to the brink of orgasm and then rips off each zipper one by one, cumming as each zipper comes off.


Rough Pussy Face Sitting (1 file)

Karrie loves it rough and lucky for her, so does Tequila! Tequila pinches and squeezes Karrie's thighs and gives her pussy a nice spanking. Not content to let Karrie have all the fun, she smothers Karrie's face with her plump, juicy pussy.


Karrie Kellie Solo Dildo (1 file)

Want to know just how much Karrie loves her big black dildo? Watch this clip to find out. Karrie gives big black a nice sloppy blowjob, complete with gagging of course. All that gets her so turned on that she begins to touch herself and before your know it, she's back to big black but this time he's in her pussy. Karrie will cum multiple times before this scene is over.


Tequila Solo DP + Hitachi (1 file)

Tequila was horny so this is how she usually masturbates alone. Plug in her ass, pussy full and a hitachi wand vibrating both at high intensities! She came hard!


Tequila Solo Floppy tits Fucking suction dick (1 file)

Busty Tequila lets it all hang out in this clip. She gives us a little striptease before getting down to what she REALLY wants, which is this hard cock in her mouth and pussy! She takes the dildo deep into her throat to get it good and wet before she bends over and fucks it doggy style in profile so we can see her titties really bounce.


Tequila Solo Ride Em Cowgirl (1 file)

Tequila rides a hard dildo from the front, side and back! Watch her ride it like she stole it!



Short Jerk-off encouragement video


Tequila Solo Fucking a Chair leg (1 file)

Tequila loves practicing her burlesque but it sure makes her horny! In this clip, she's in her dance room, where there are plenty of mirrors to see from different angles. She lubes up and rides the leg of one of her burlesque chairs and gives us some lovely moans while she's at it.


Tequila Solo Corn on the Cob Fuck (1 file)

Tequila unleashes her inner country girl and loves that corn on the cob!

Dsc08397 sm

Tequila Photoset Beach (5 files)


Karrie Kellie Solo teaser (3 files)

Want to see more of Karrie? Here's a quick teaser set from her Snapchat

Cottage cheese

Pregnant Stripper Eats a Whole Pound of Cottage Cheese Backstage at the Club (1 file)

Karrie Kellie does not particularly care for cottage cheese, but for one week early in her pregnancy she cannot get enough of it. Watch her demolish an entire POUND of the stuff directly out of the tub. She sits in front of her locker, clearly hating herself for what she is doing, occasionally glancing around to see who's judging her, and feeling herself get fatter and fatter. By the end of the clip she has eaten the whole 1lb tub of cottage cheese and can't believe what she has done.


Karrie Kellie Pregnant Rainbow Body Stocking Tease & BBC Dildo fucking (1 file)

This was a custom video that never got posted! Karrie teases you in her rainbow fishnet body stocking, giving you tons of closeups of her big, sexy, pregnant belly. Then she takes her biggest black dildo and rides it until she cums HARD!


Karrie Kellie Pregnancy Weigh-In Bonus Clip: 2 Months Post-partum (1 file)

Has it already been two whole months?? How time flies! I'm back and I figure what better way to get back into the swing of things than doing one last weigh-in. See how much my body has changed from when I was 39 weeks pregnant, and get a little teaser of the lactation fun to come.


Karrie Kellie Pregnant Voyeur Nesting/Cleaning (1 file)

At 38 weeks pregnant, Karrie Kellie is setting up to shoot a scene for a custom video when she can no longer resist the nesting bug. We left the camera rolling so all you voyeurs out there can enjoy watching pregnant Karrie Kellie cleaning and dancing away. No sound on this video, but plenty of booty and pregnant belly views.


Becoming the Worlds Biggest Cuck (1 file)

Karrie is pregnant by her boyfriend for the 4th time. She promised she'd let you (her huge cuck of a husband) knock her up next, but she's decided she's done. Are you willing to become the Worlds Biggest Cuck by allowing your bloodline to die out here? Of course you are. So there's nothing else to do but to put you formally into chastity, as befits the biggest cuck in the world.


Pregnant Belly Jiggles & Diddles (1 file)

Karrie Kellie shows off her 38 week pregnant belly by giving us some belly jiggles in slow motion. She strips off her panties and plays with herself before showing off her belly again to leave us wanting more...

Video only. No Audio.


Pregnant Odd Insertions (1 file)

Karrie Kellie is almost ready to pop and she's looking for something bigger than her dildo to get her vag ready. First, she warms up with her bottle of Spunk lube. Then she goes all out stretching her pussy out with a pepto-bismol bottle. Ever notice the weird triangular shape of those things? Karrie sure notices it now...


Tequila Solo Fucksaw (1 file)

Do you want to see a hot curvy tatted up curvy chick fuck herself with an altered saw using her toe to control it? Is she gonna slip and pound her pussy raw accidentally? You'll never know until you watch this video!


Tequila Solo DP (1 file)

Live Show. Tequila loves her holes filled, she stretches out her ass with a plug before fucking her pussy and cumming hard for you!


Tequila Solo Sloppy BJ & Riding Dildo (1 file)

Live Show. Tequila gets super sloppy with her blowjob, drooling all over her tits. She jumps on top and rides that cock with her tits bouncing like crazy!


Tequila Live Show BJ Masturbation (1 file)

Live show. Tequila gets messy with a sloppy blowjob before fucking herself with her favorite cock


Tequila Bondage Titty Torture (1 file)

Live Show. Tequila has her titties all tied up and tight! She smacks them around while being distracted by a cock she sits on before fucking herself


Tequila Nipple Clamps & DP (1 file)

Tequila wears some evil nipple clamps while she masturbates and then DPs herself with a Star Wars butt plug and her favorite dildo


Tequila Bruising Boobs (1 file)

Tequila smacks her boobs around with a crop and rubber paddle until they turn red and begin to bruise. She lays back in heels and fucks her sweet wet pussy with a glass plug in her ass until she brings herself to intense orgasm.


Tequila Choked while gagging (1 file)

Live Show. Tequila chokes herself with a belt while gagging on your cock and drooling all over her titties


Tequila Clamps and Plug (1 file)

Tequila stuffs her panties in her mouth and tapes it shut before attaching clamps to her nipples and spanking herself. She warms up her sensitive pussy and stretches out her tight asshole with a metal plug and uses her hitachi to bring herself to orgasm


Tequila Fingerblast (1 file)

Tequila shows off her curvy body before rubbing her clit and fingering her juicy pussy. She tastes her juices as she brings herself to orgasm and continues to ride the pleasure wave and explore her tingly sensitive pussy.


Bondage DP (1 file)

Tequila ties her tits up tight and clamps her nipples. She stretches out her ass for you with a glass plug and then fucks her pussy with one of her big fat dildos and cums HARD!


Tequila Sloppy Blowjob & Masturbation (1 file)

Live Show. Tequila gets messy with her sloppy blowjob before she fingers herself and rubs her sensitive clit to orgasm and then cleans your cock off and teases her pussy with it


Tequila Kinky Cumming (1 file)

Tequila fucks her sweet pussy with her favorite dildo, a hitachi on her clit and a bit in her mouth. She spanks her pussy and feet before begging to cum as audible as she can be with her mouth full


Tequila Electro Slut (1 file)

Tequila gets kinky! She puts her fuzzy bunny tail butt plug in and then spanks her ass, tits and pussy! Tequila is such an electro slut, she pulls out her violet wand and zaps herself over and over again in the nipples and CLIT!!!


Take Me To Church (Texas Queerlesque Festival 2016) (1 file)


Tequila Electro Slut with Clamps (1 file)

Tequila gets sloppy and drools all over her titties while sucking cock, she puts clamps on her sensitive nipples before she start to zap them with a violet wand. Tequila gets hot with all the electricity running through her nipples and rides her hitachi wand until she feels her release coming... and she cums!


Tequila Bondage BJ (1 file)

Tequila cupcakes her fat titties until they look like they'll burst! She then proceeds to slap the shit out of them while giving you a sloppy blowjob and drools all over her red titties.


Tequila Orgasmic Hitachi (1 file)

Tequila teases her sweet pussy with her fingers preparing herself for her hard slick cock. Fucking herself with her favorite dildo, she pulls out the hitachi to bring herself to orgasm HARD and DEEP!


Karrie Kellie teases you with her Milky Tits (1 file)

Karrie Kellie is back and now she has MILK! In this clip, she massages her breasts through her tank top to get the milk flowing before she lifts up her shirt to reveal that sexy underboob. Squeezing her nipples, she lets the milk drip out through the fabric of her tank top before she finally removes it to give you a sexy silent milk show.


Tequila loves that DP (1 file)

Tequila fucks her pussy with her favorite toy before stretching out her booty hole for you with a glass plug Tequila loves to be filled!


Tequila Empire Butt Plug (1 file)

Tequila warms her booty up with a few fingers before switching to the dark side of the force with her favorite Empire plug and fingers her hot wet pussy to orgasm because she hasn't quite mastered the ways of the force orgasm.


Tequila Latex Kink Masturbation (1 file)

Tequila puts her tight purple latex dress on before putting clamps on her nipples, handcuffing her wrists and gagging herself. She wants to touch herself but needs your permission. Please let her play!

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