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We are a real life couple that has been playing on the internet since 2007. We are currently broadcasting through Chaturbate. We have a great time with everything we do. Chilly Hicks is in her 30's with nice 34D breasts. Diane Callaway is in her 40's with 36DD breasts. We want to get to know you and have a great time.

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Anal Beads (1 file)

Picnic fun 3

Picnic Fun (1 file)

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Jerk Off Instructions (1 file)

Chilly Hick's will tell you how to play with that cock.

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Chilly Enjoys Threesome Creampie (1 file)

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Suck It Bitch Girl on Girl (1 file)

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Dirty Bitch Boy (1 file)

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POV Movie (1 file)

Layback and enjoy watching Chilly Hicks give you a blow job.

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Tied and Tickled (1 file)

Chilly is super ticklish and Diane enjoys making her beg.

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Little Chink Dick (1 file)

Chilly Hicks is a size queen she wants her cock way better than what you have.

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Memoirs of A Tenderloin Stripper (1 file)

This was a wonderful book about a journey during an interesting time for San Fransico. This is part one and a part two is available. The audio is a relaxing almost two hours of sexy and funny adventure. There is a book two make sure you check that out. Six feet tall, twenty and filled with a spirit of impulsive adventure, Nina plans on ‘re-inventing’ herself in the big city. The city she chooses to do this in is San Francisco. Nina is determined to forget about her failed romances, especially with college professor Waldo Young; and her burning ambition is to ‘write’, ‘write’, 'write'! First though, Nina goes wild. She gets work as a ‘Dial-a-Doll’ girl at ‘Flesh and Fantasy’, a huge porno emporium where men can watch women dance on a revolving ‘Peek-a-Rama’ stage, and talk to them privately, in coin-activated booths.

I had a great time making an Mp3 of this book and look foward to everything Poppy gives us in the future. Nina befriends a motley crew of dancers and street people in the notorious Tenderloin district. Before long, she encounters Dale McCarskey, a young and gorgeous man-child of the streets. He shakes Nina’s life up completely, in every which way and loose.

Memoirs of a Tenderloin Stripper, Book 1 will leave readers hungry to learn more about the fiery match-up between Nina and Dale. There will be plenty of drama in store for Book 2, and for readers who would enjoy seeing the story in movie format , the original screenplay “Reinventing Nina,” will soon become available.

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Needing Cock (1 file)

I have not had my BBC plaything in awhile. I am needing to feel that cock of his deep inside my pussy. My Cuck gets down and sucks that shaft till it is super hard. Then I enjoy the feel of that long dark cock in my mouth. Putting it between my large DD breasts I fuck him with those titties. Climbing on top I take control of his throbbing shaft. He bends me over and fucks me while my Cuck brings his cock over and I suck it. I enjoy a nice load in my pussy and one all over my face.


A Boy's Life (1 file)

A Boys life is a really wonderful story about a man who becomes involved with an older woman he knew for a number of years. After completing college he comes back to his home town a little lost with where his life will go. After becoming involved with a woman double his age he explores his submissive side with her. This is over an hour mp3 for you to relax to.


Fishnet Lace Threeway (1 file)

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Footjob Fabulous (1 file)

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Diane Callaway Black Hose Footjob (1 file)

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Double Suck (1 file)

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BlowNButt (1 file)

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Creamymess (1 file)

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Blowjob and Tease (1 file)

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Ball Play And Handjob (1 file)

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Slut Slave (1 file)

Dianeandchillyshower 3jpg

Diane And Chilly Shower (1 file)

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Whip Cream Fight (1 file)

Snapshot 12 1 1 2015 3 37 pm

Cat Fight (1 file)

Carfun 5

Car Fun (1 file)

Buttlick 5

Butt Lick (1 file)

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Pretty Gold Panties (1 file)

Chillydianeglasstoyshow 3

Glass Toy Show (1 file)


Chilly And Diane Panty Tease (1 file)

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Lesbian Rabbit Play (1 file)

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Diane Bubble Bath (1 file)


Blue Full Backs (1 file)

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My Slave (1 file)

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Pretty White Panties (1 file)

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Close Pussy Tease (1 file)

Do you like everything up close and personal. Come lay between my legs with my pussy hair all grown out long and soft. Watch while I tease my pussy till I come hard. This is an extremely close movie.

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Close Vibrator Play (1 file)

This is back when I had my little boobies. I am completely naked and starting out with just my fingers I get my pussy very wet. Taking out my favorite purple vibrator I work it inside my pussy and make myself come hard.

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Close And Yummy (1 file)

This is an extremely close video that is all about my pussy and ass. I am fingering them both. Very close shots shot in pov with you between my legs.

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Black Hose And Heels (1 file)

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Asian Little Dick (1 file)

Just sitting there with your tiny little dick. What made you think I would ever want that thing anywhere near me. I only fuck real men and you are about as far from one as I can get. That thing is skinnier than my finger. No way would I ever suck it, tease it, lick or fuck it. Go ahead wrap your fingers around it you will only need two and that is one too many.

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Diane Worship Those Pitts (1 file)

I have grown out all my armpit hair until it is super long. I take my soft hair brush and brush those curls. Come worship those wonderful armpits of mine.

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Bad Boy Peeping Tom Pictures (90 files)

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Chillys First BBC (1 file)

See Chilly an her FIRST time with a BBC. After meeting this tall handsome muscular stud, she returns to his place for some fun. The fun begins with her on her knees, her tiny white hands wrapped around his huge member see his cock grow inside her mouth, before her stud lays on the bed where she climbs on top and with a slight whimper his shaft disappears deep inside her. He then lays her in multiple positions using her body as he see fit, on her side, doggie then finishing with her on her back feet up taking it DEEP an fast in a brutish nature until he explodes over her freshly used pussy an tits with a THICK load of cum.


Cat Woman Tease (1 file)

Chilly Hicks is having a lot of fun with her cat suit and her strap on. Teasing you with that pretty pink dildo.

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Diane Callaway BBC Makes Me Cum (1 file)

Beatthoseballs 6

Beating Those Balls Diane Callaway (1 file)

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Black Cock White Skin Diane Callaway (1 file)

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Blowloadincucksmouth (1 file)

Blowloadsincucks mouth 6

Blow That Load In Cuck Mouth (1 file)

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Clean Up All That Cum (1 file)

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Cuckold Enjoying My Pussy Juices (1 file)

Fuck Me With That Latin Cock (1 file)

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Huge Southern BBC Cock (1 file)

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Huge Thick BBC (1 file)

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Shower Tease (1 file)


Latin Lover (1 file)

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Making Cuckold Clean Up Latin Cum (1 file)

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Making Hubby Watch (1 file)

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Pound Me With BBC (1 file)


Venus Arriving On Earth (1 file)

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Sucking BBC (1 file)

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Two Cocks One Mouth (1 file)

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Tag Teamed (1 file)

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Teasing With White Cock (1 file)

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Pound Me From Behind BBC (1 file)


Sexy Nerdy White Guy (1 file)

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