This is the FAQ for members. You can find the FAQ for models here. To contact us directly, see the Contact page.

Navigate to the model's profile page and scroll down to see the content she's offering. If a content package is for sale through Project Maenad, you'll see an "add to cart" button next to it. After clicking that button, click the cart icon in the upper right-hand corner and click "Go to Checkout." From the checkout page, you'll be able to pay and automatically receive your content.

She will have sent you a link to a Project Maenad address, which will look a bit like In most email and messenger programs, it should be click-able, but if it's not, copy the text into the address bar of your browser.

If you purchased content directly through Project Maenad, you can access it by visiting My Content.

Navigate to the model's profile page, then click the "Give a Tip" button in the upper right-hand corner. The tip will be added to your cart. Go to the checkout page to pay.

Models who wish to be contacted will have a list of websites and messengers they use on their profiles.

You can also add a message when you give a tip to a model.

When a model creates a link, she can select a time limit for downloads or a limit on the total number of times the content can be downloaded. If your link is expired, it means that one of those two limits has been reached. If this seems to be in error, please contact us or contact the model.

Most video playing problems can be solved by using the free video playing program VLC Player. If that doesn't work, contact us. We deliver the files as the models upload them, so we won't have detailed knowledge of the individual files and how they were created, but we'll try to find a solution.

iPhones or iPads don't download links without an app. For iPhones, we suggest Files - File Manager and Browser, and for iPads, we suggest Files HD - File Manager and Browser. In each case, the free basic version of the app is all you'll need. To use these apps, navigate to the download page in the app's browser, then click Download or Download Now. If the link is a zip file, you might also need an unzipping app such as iZip.

Some Android devices natively handle downloading, but it's often more reliable to use a download manager app. We suggest the free Advanced Download Manager app.

Some computers go to sleep mode after a period without user activity. This will break a Project Maenad download. See this question on the Microsoft forums to solve this on Windows, or follow these instructions to solve this on Mac.

Different devices and different browser have different places they put files, and it can be unintuitive. This guide helps find the default download location in different situations.

On the Settings page, click the red "Delete my account" button at the bottom.

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