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We have sad news to share. Our payment processor has closed our account, and we can no longer process sales. (A model was selling access to their website through Project Maenad, and our payment processor found that to be a violation of their terms of service, and a violation of their agreements with VISA and MasterCard. It's not the model's fault - we were aware they were doing that, but were unaware it was a problem.)

We’re very sorry for the abrupt disruption to sales. The free functionality of Project Maenad - the creation of custom links for customers, and customer access to content that has already been sold - still works, but Project Maenad will close down entirely on May 1, 2019.

We'll pay out all remaining balances to models, regardless of the usual minimum payout.

In 2014, we (Sabihah and Michael) founded Project Maenad to solve a problem Sabihah faced - how to get her content to her fans, and how to be paid for it. At that time, there were no good options, and we knew that we could solve this for Sabihah and thousands of other cam models.

Since then, we’ve hosted content for over four thousand models, and delivered over a million downloads. But we’ve not been able to turn Project Maenad into a sustainable business, and with this payment processor problem, and Sabihah having retired from camming, it’s time for us to seek new opportunities.

Unlike in 2014, there are now a number of good options for cam models to send and sell content, of which Project Maenad is just one. (We’d like to make a special mention of MyFreeCams Share. Advertising revenue from MyFreeCams helped us last this long, and we have a very positive impression of their integrity and competence.)

We’re immensely grateful to the models who’ve supported us, and proud of how we helped models thrive in the last four years.

Thank you for using Project Maenad.

Sabihah and Michael
Founders at Project Maenad

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